Local Scouting governance

Information for GSLs

Group constitution requirement

Summarising POR 5.3 https://www.scouts.org.uk/por/5-local-governance-and-finance-of-groups-districts-counties/#5.3

Every charity must have an agreed constitution.  Although every charity can agree its own constitution, it is very strongly encouraged that each Group adopt the constitution that is shown in POR Chapter 5.4 .

The model constitution describes the role, membership and operation of the Scout Council, and the Trustee Board.  In the interest of openness, especially for new members of the Scout Council, the Scout Council should re-adopt their charity’s constitution at each Annual General Meeting. This must be recorded in the minutes of the Annual General Meeting.


A Group which adopts unchanged the model constitution in POR 5.4 should record in their Annual General Meeting minutes that 'POR 5.4 is fully adopted as its constitution'.  It is NOT necessary to create separate copies of this section of POR.


A Group which adopts the model constitution in POR 5.4 but makes a local amendment to the model constitution must record in the minutes of their Annual General Meeting:

Regular meetings help us make sure everyone gets to make an impact, that information is shared and that plans are in place.  It is good practice to agree the dates for the year ahead at the September Trustee meeting.

Section meetings

An opportunity to get together as a section to discuss a variety of things – and make a variety of decisions – together. In a section meeting, you might go over:
  • The last three months, including the best bits and the challenges
  • The activities you have planned, or would like to plan in the future 
  • Any upcoming camps
  • Who’s doing what in all of these areas

Trustee Board meetings

An opportunity to discuss the group’s needs, including how the group is governed and run and how fundraising is managed. In an executive meeting, you might go over the:
  • GSL report – getting an update on training, chatting through the last and next three months or looking at what sort of opportunities are arising
  • Treasurer report – looking at the health of your current finances and costs coming in and out
  • Section leader’s report – chatting through the last and next three months, flagging if and when any young people moving on and going over any future support needed
  • Young leader’s report – looking at how youth-shaped the group is being at the moment and how it could do even better 
  • Parent rep’s report – looking through feedback from member’s parents
  • Health and safety of the group