Our leaders, the heart of Scouting

All our leaders are unpaid volunteers and we thank them for every minute of service to Scouting.

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Yellow Card update

Version 8 comes into effect 1st January 2024

Make sure you are ready!

Resources for our leaders

We believe that the time Leaders give to Scouting is valuable.  Time wasted is time better spent helping young people make new friends, have amazing adventures, and learning new skills.  We believe admin should be simple and automated as much possible - saving you time and effort.

Portsmouth Scouts has put together a series of information, guidance, education and other materials to help Leaders be their most effective.  Explore the links below to find out more.

Be part of our team

Are you an adult volunteer - in any formal capacity - supporting Portsmouth Scouts?  Then, we would love you to join our private Facebook Group just for the Leaders and other adults (group committee members, occasional helpers etc) who support City of Portsmouth Scouts.  Click HERE to request membership of the group.  Your Compass Number is required to validate participation with Scouts.

Welcoming volunteers

A common admin tasks for Leaders is to ensure the required paperwork is completed.  While nothing replaces the official guidance in POR (Policy, Organisation and Rules), the information here will help simplify starting most new volunteers.

Admin items

Being a Leader demands regularly completing very similar administrative tasks - ordering badges, requesting DBS, checking training, organising activities or events.  We want as much of this to be simple, online and automated wherever possible.  Let us know if there's something you want adding.  In the meantime, we can help with:


There are always some thing which needs notification, reporting or permission.  We have created online versions of some of the most commonly needed forms and notifications. Including:

* some pages are for our volunteers only.  Please understand that these pages are secured and need a Volunteer ID (...@portsmouthscouts.org.uk) issued by Portsmouth Scouts to get access.  Volunteers can request access by emailing admin@portsmouthscouts.org.uk - please include your Compass number.