Help with OSM

OSM has a great selection of built in help on the OSM Parent Potal.  Check out the HELP section on the bottom left navigator.  There are videos and articles on a wide range of topics and common questions, including:  SIgning up to Events, How to keep Personal Details up to date, How to view the meeting programme etc

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Online Payments - the basics

OSM's payment system operates in two modes.  You can choose which mode your want payments to be made by.  You can change this at any time.

Note - the 'Pay Now' buttons can be disabled by your leaders, so may not be visible.

Which ever 'mode' you chose, you will always be emailed each time a payment is due and have the chance to review it, cancel it or pay it immediately.

And don't forget - because payments are collected using the Direct Debit system, you are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Online Payments - first payment / setting up

Following the instructions in payment due email to open OSM Parent Portal and the payment item itself.  Click 'Create Subscription' or a 'Pay Now' button.

OSM's payment system operates in two modes.  You can choose which mode your want payments to be made by.  You can change this at any time.

Note - the 'Pay Now' buttons can be disabled by your leaders, so may not be visible.

First and future payments

The first time you do this for your Group, you will need to register your payment details with the payment service provider - we use GoCardless. You only need to do this once, as are able to select your existing GoCardless account details for future payments.  OSM and GoCardless will guide you through this simple process.

If you used the 'Create Subscription' button, you won't have to do anything again for future payments.  You will receive reminder emails as always, but if you take no action the system will automatically process the payment on the payment due date.  We strongly recommend this option.  Don't forget, to stop future automated payments happening after making a subscription, simply click 'Cancel Payment Authority'.

If you had click 'Pay Now' button, that specific payment is taken there-and-then.  You will need to take manual action in the same way in the future to pay for other items.

There will be a 'Cancel' button next to any payment that can still be cancelled.

Online Payments - Gift Aid and why it's important

Gift Aid is a simple government initiative which allows charities to get an extra 25 pence for every one pound donated.  Scout Groups and Explorer Units are charities and Gift Aid can make a significant difference to our small charities.

Gift Aid can be claimed by your Group for donations given - this includes the membership fees (subs) you pay for your child's Scout Membership.  

Groups often rely on the additional income generated from Gift Aid, it helps towards the costs of running an interesting, engaging and diverse programme.  It helps keep subs low and affordable.

Please register for Gift Aid if you are a tax payer and are eligible.

Remember, GIft Aid is at no cost to you!  The Government pays the 25p for £1 donated, and your Group handles the process for requesting it.  You, the tax payer / donor, don't need to do a thing - except register!

Ask your local leaders for a Gift Aid declaration link.  Click the link to opt in or decline the Gift Aid scheme.  

How to fix "Pending dual-parent approval"

OSM is reporting a "Pending dual-parent approval" error and payment has not been able to be processed and is now overdue.

This can be resolved in a few simple steps.  Take a moment to complete these steps now.

What does the error mean?  

OSM provides the following explanation:

Online payment fees

Although you may not realise it, every online transaction you ever make has a per-transaction cost associated to it.  Our payment providers GoCardless and OSM has a cost for each transaction paid to us using their services.

Just like using a payment card in a shop or online, you wont see this when you make a payment via OSM, but both the following charges are applied:

The money you pay is collected by our payment provider and then sent to your Group/Unit after the fees have been deducted.  It's is up to your Group how to cover transaction costs - if you have any questions about this, please speak to a local Leader.

In general, Groups consider these charges a "cost of doing business" and a valuable assist to Leaders as it save time (lots and lots of time, per transaction), eliminates cash and paperwork and dramatically improves financial transparency - with every payment logged and reconciled in multiple places.