Information for Drivers

Whether a regular driver of the Hilsea Minibu or a first time driver, please review the information for drivers on this page before your booking starts.  Locate the Driver's Folder which is kept in the minibus.  It contains all the information drivers should need while they are responsible for and using the Hilsea Minibus.  Copies of all the information in the folder are available below.

Accident / Incident Reports

If you have an accident or incident when driving or otherwise responsible for the District Minibus involving another road user, pedestrian or member of the public, you must report it.  As soon as possible, submit an Accident / Incident Form online to document and notify Portsmouth Scouts.

The form should be completed by the driver or other adult witness. More than one form can be submitted.  Paper copies of the form are available in the Minibus Driver's Folder if the online form can not be accessed.

Please let us know at if anything is missing, or sheets are running low.