Head of Survive Zone - District Camp 2022

Reports To: Camp Chief

Role Description:

The aim of this zone is to tick off items of badge work which aren’t easy or practical for leaders to do themselves as they don’t have the skills or resources to do them. This zone needs to evolve based on the sections taking part, for example its acceptable to have an activity for beavers lighting candles but then the Explorers would get an activity involving the safe use of a felling axe.

Before Camp

  • Book Third Party Activity Providers once approved by Camp Chief
  • Make sure all contractors and activities have valid and appropriate risk assessments and insurance
  • Organise activities related to activity area
  • Submitting volunteer requirements (including any specialist skill requirements) to the Assistant Camp Chief
  • Provide support in getting Activity Permits for activities with your zone

During Camp (including Build)

  • Organise volunteers within zone making sure to include all leaders and provide chances for learning new skills to both young people and adults
  • Keep queues to a minimum
  • Report any incidents to camp chief
  • Make sure zone is run safely

After Camp

  • Disassemble Zone
  • Assist Camp Chief disassemble the campsite and return it back to Lyons Copse Warden
  • Provide feedback to the camp chief

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Closing Date: 01/10/2021


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