Volunteer quick start

We really appreciate you giving your time to support Scouting in Portsmouth.

Welcome to our new volunteer quick start page. Depending on how you are volunteering (your role), there will a number of things you will be asked to complete as you get started. Don't be concerned. Leaders at the place you are volunteering will help you with questions or problems.

This page provides guidance for the most common items you could be asked to complete. Ask a Leader if you're not sure.

Getting started training

All volunteers* (adult appointments) should complete the following five modules within 5 months of starting your role.

Remember to keep a copy of module completion certificates or similar - completion is not automatically recorded against your Membership ID. Speak with your GSL, a Leader or a training advisor to have completions registered against your Personal Learning Plan (PLP, Module 02).

Module: 01

Essential Information

To provide all adults in Scouting with the essential information needed to get started in their role.

Module: Safeguarding


To provide all adults in Scouting with an understanding of safeguarding practice and responsibilities as a member of Scouts , to keep everyone safe.

Module: GDPR

General Data Protection Regulations

To provide all adults in Scouting with an understanding of what the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) means for them, their Scout Group, District and County and how to effectively align with it.

Module: Safety


To provide all adults in Scouting with an understanding of safety practice and responsibilities as a member of Scouts, to keep everyone safe.

Module: 02

Personal Learning Plan (PLP)

To create a plan for an individual’s learning based on the requirements of the job and taking into account the individual’s needs. This is normally set-up by working with a training advisor within the group or district. Your GSL or another Leader will be able to guide you with who to speak to.

More information...

This page will get you off to a flying start with your training. Scouts provide extensive training for a wide range of interests, roles and needs. You can access a full training directory and extensive information about training for specific roles on the Scouts website.

If you have any questions or require any additional information please check out the Scouts webpages or speak to your local Training Advisor, GSL or a Leader.

* Except "occasional helpers". The Scouts website says that "... an occasional helper, which requires a personal enquiry and criminal records check (ID Check, DBS) is someone who will be:
    • assisting in overnight activities and/or
    • may be helping out once a week (or on four occasions in a thirty day period) or more frequently and/or
    • will have unsupervised access to young people."