New volunteers

Thank you for showing interest in supporting Scouting in Portsmouth.

Depending on how you will be volunteering (your role), the 'paperwork' and steps to complete will vary. Don't be concerned. Leaders at the place you are volunteering will help you with questions or problems.

This page provides guidance for the most common volunteer paperwork. Ask a Leader if you're not sure.

Young People First

Our code of practice (also known as the Yellow card) sets out guidance for all adults in Scouts. Please read the Code of Good Practice before signing the Adult Information Form.

Scouting requires all adult volunteers to complete a Government Disclosure & Barring Service Application (DBS) - the ID Check.

Some volunteering will required additional steps such as seeking references from referees and inviting you to a brief, friendly, welcome / appointment meeting. You should be told by your Leaders if your volunteering will require these steps.

What do I need to do?

1ST: Register with Scouts

2ND: Get a Disclosure (DBS)

Either give completed copies of the forms (via email or on paper) to a Leader OR sit with a Leader and they will collect the required information directly and enter your information directly into our systems (preferred).

There may be other forms to complete depending on the tasks you will be undertaking with Scouting.

Helpful information about ID checking...

It is a simple and confidential process. You will need to show proof of your identify during this process. Page two of the ID form explains what documents are acceptable. In total you need 3 forms of ID.

You may already hold a "DBS check" from another organisation, however Scouts requires their own criminal records check be undertaken. There is no cost to you for this check.

You will receive a paper copy to your home address, we do not need to see this document. Your Scout Group will be notified automatically of the outcome.

There are three options to complete the ID checks:

  • Option 1 - Direct online. After your Adult Information Form has been processed, you are sent an email link to Atlantic Data with instructions to complete ID Checking online.

  • Option 2 - Soft copy form. You will be asked to complete an electronic ID Checking form and to send the completed document by email to a Leader. They will confirm next steps.

  • Option 3 - Hardcopy form. You will be given a paper copy (or asked to print one at home) that is completed and handed to a Leader. They will confirm next steps.

Handling volunteer data

The Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR aim to protect an individual’s right to privacy by promoting high standards in the way personal information about individuals should be handled. Information collected in the course of Scouting is dealt with appropriately in order to comply with the DPA 2018 and the GDPR. For more information, see Storing and destroying of adult information forms