Portsmouth Scouts email is changing

To improve data security and the safeguarding of everyone involved in local Scouts, over Summer 2022 we are changing how leaders will handle scouting emails.

What has changed?

Leaders and volunteers who need to send or receive emails on behalf of Scouting in Portsmouth will be given a volunteer account (firstname.lastname@portsmouthscouts.org.uk).

To remove the need to share passwords or hold multiple accounts, we offer two options where access to a role based email address and/or a shared email address is desirable.

  1. Role IDs (ie districtcommissioner@portsmouthscouts.org.uk; 5th.gsl@portsmouthscouts.org.uk etc) will not be created. Instead the 'Send email as' feature will be activated on volunteer IDs, allowing the user to send and receive emails via an alias. This ensures users can access messages sent to the either address AND can send or reply as if from that address.

  2. Users must never share passwords. Where a team wants to have a shared inbox, a collaborative inbox will be created. Team members are then assigned to the inbox via their volunteer ID. Individuals will sign in using their volunteer IDs, then open the collaborative inbox via "Groups for business" - this is easy to do via the Google Workspace Dashboard https://workspace.google.com/dashboard. They can then send and receive messages using the inbox email address.

How do I send emails?

  • You can always send emails from your browser at gmail.com. Simply sign in with your volunteer account email.

  • If you want to send an email using the 'Send email as' address (ie warrior.explorers@portsmouthscouts.org.uk) follow these instructions to set this up (one time action). Once set up: compose a message, click the 'From' line (If you can't see this, click on the space next to the recipient's email.). Select the address to send from.

  • We recommend adding https://workspace.google.com/dashboard as a bookmark for quick access to all Google Workspace features.

What happens if my role changes?

  • During handover with your successor / predecessor

    1. contact admin@portsmouthscouts.org.uk and ask for the role alias email to be moved / added to your volunteer ID

    2. pass on any relevant emails or files

    3. where appropriate, request access to relevant collaborative inboxes

What else do I need to know?

  • There is no change to any other external system where you may have used an alternate email to register or sign in (eg GoCardless, OSM, amazon etc). These systems will continue to recognise the original ID email and allow you to sign in as normal. You may want to update the email address used for sign in to these systems to avoid confusion.

  • You can create separate email signatures for each "identity" (one for your name, one for your role). Information on how to do this available here.

  • Where an alias email has been created, all mail to the two email addresses gets delivered to the same inbox. You can use LABELS to quickly filter the Inbox into mail sent to each email address. Information on how to do this available here.

  • Want to learn more about Portsmouth Scouts Google Workspace and the features / functions available to you, sign in at workspace.google.com/dashboard and start exploring.

What action should I take?

  • Start using your Volunteer account email (firstname.lastname@portsmouthscouts.org.uk) account for all Scouts related email/communication.

  • It is the preference that we move away from hosted emails on separate servers/provider for data security, safeguarding and cost reasons. In time we will only be sending emails on Scouting matters to @portsmouthscouts.org.uk IDs. There is also the advantage of the other Google Workspace services on offer - most notably Sites for hosting your own group website (if you want).

  • We'd ask all groups to think about the long term need for individually hosted services.

Thanks in advance for your support to making this change. If you have any questions, please email admin@portsmouthscouts.org.uk .