Cub Conker Competition

We are faced daily with fake news, photo shopped pictures of celebrities and the downright bizarre life of the internet and as the title may suggest this is none of the above.

Sat Oct 6 th dawned with the outlook of a nice day, but thanks to our weather forecasters we knew we were in for a rough ride, or at least wet, and so as the heavens opened up on Portsmouth 25 young eager young people of the district descended upon Hilsea Scout HQ for the annual conker knock out tournament.

The tournament started with a set of knock out in 4 leagues, with the winners’ of each league going into the semi finals with the successful two onto a final.

So the afternoon started with the clash and bang of conker on conker and occasionally the floor. The floor became littered with the shells of destructed conkers as the mighty fell.

Armistice was called so the weary battlers could take a break and get refreshed with juice, biscuits and chocolates and then suitably refreshed battle re-commenced until eventually the semi finals were upon us. As players were knocked out they had new conkers and
took part with other unsuccessful players and played friendlies.

The semi finals saw the 48th , 43rd SM 73rd and 54th take stage and after 2 well fought semi’s the 54th and 73rd became victors and prepared to commence the final.

The final was well played with hit after hit going in and a worthy winner looked to be on the cards as one conker suffered badly and was split quite severely, however after ten minutes of play both conkers were intact. Extra time was called for 3 minutes with penalty hits thereafter, but 35 seconds into extra time the inevitable happened, and the conker of Max exploded into pieces spreading its shell and contents to all four corners of the room and the 54th and Ned reigned supreme.

Ned was presented with the trophy with his winner conker proudly sitting atop the trophy.

All in all the young people enjoyed the day even those unable to progress beyond the leagues and our thanks go out to every one of these cubs.

Special thanks as always to Chris for his organisation and conker collecting, and the boring job of getting holes in them lol. Also to all the leaders who stayed and helped make the afternoon successful.

Our final thanks go to the Horse Chestnut trees, which without their sacrifice this competition would not go ahead.

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